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view from my desk

um, oops? with bonus views from my desk

by Michelle on April 18, 2008

So…you know how I said I stayed home from work yesterday and played with yarn and Ravelry and stuff? Well, in my wanderings I somehow stumbled on Sharon‘s Etsy shop and…some yarn followed me home. (It really seemed that way, too–it was already here when I got home from work today! That’s some fast shipping, even if she is only across town.)

Check out my latest acquisitions:


(I know I saw this colorway–Andes Mints–on someone’s blog, but darned if I can figure out whose it was. Another thing I did yesterday was some catch up on blog reading!)




From time to time, I look up from my desk and notice that there’s something interesting/pretty/curious/whatever outside my window and I grab my camera.

Last October, there was this rainbow (also, beautiful fall colors on the trees):


In January, there was a drop-dead gorgeous blue sky:


Today, there was some excitement! This happens, oh, quarterly I’d say:



Occasionally, we see them across the way, too:


Can you imagine actually doing that job? I’m on the 11th floor of an 18-story building. I think I’ll stay inside it, thanks.

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