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a new goal

by Michelle on July 1, 2008

I missed posting yesterday because, frankly, I was tired and forgot. Also it was ridiculously hot this weekend, which made me really not want to have my laptop on my lap. (These MacBook Pros are scorchers!)

Saturday, we had a contractor come over to work up a bid for the exterior work we need done on the house. We have two more bids coming in this week, so I’ll wait until we have the info for all of them to post details. I can tell you this, though: it’s going to be a lot of money!

Then I got a haircut, we went to Nik’s Mom’s for dinner, and then over to my aunt Patti’s house for a movie and dessert. The movie was being shown in the backyard, so it was pretty late when we started. We didn’t even stay for the whole thing (fortunately, it hasn’t been that long since we’ve seen it–Seven Brides for Seven Brothers) and got home at 11:30. I know that probably sounds kind of silly–not even midnight!–but we’re used to sleeping roughly 9:30 until 5, and I rarely sleep in much (even on the weekend). Also, I had to be at work early on Sunday.

So…Sunday was a little rough, but work went really, really well.

I suddenly realized a little while ago that tomorrow is July, so I should talk about the July goal I’ve set for myself (which I alluded to in a recent post).

Starting tomorrow, my goal is to take one picture every day. My short-term goal is to make it through July, but in the long term I’d actually like to continue indefinitely so I went ahead and joined the Project 365 group on Flickr.

With the knitting (etc.) and soon the house project, it probably won’t be too difficult to manage for the most part, but I also want to use it as a way to challenge myself to find new and interesting things to photograph. I’m looking forward to checking out the past challenges that have been posted on the group, too.

So I guess tomorrow I’ll be back with a picture to show. 🙂

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