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finally, sunshine!

by Michelle on June 13, 2008

The sun finally decided to grace us with its presence this afternoon, and Nik and I went out to take advantage of it. This was the view from our table at dinner tonight:

View from our table

And here we are:

Dinner on the Willamette

I had one of these:

Lemon Drop


We parked on the east side of the Willamette, near the Hawthorne Bridge, then walked over the bridge and down the waterfront a bit. We didn’t choose a restaurant in advance, preferring to see where we felt like stopping once we got there. I couldn’t resist stopping at the Marina Fish House, though. It’s actually ON the water (so there were lots of views similar to that first shot).

Finally, here’s the Hawthorne Bridge, from the west side just above Waterfront Park:

Hawthorne Bridge

What a beautiful evening!

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i am so tired of this weather

by Michelle on June 1, 2008



(In better news, I just found out that I won the pattern for this cute bag. Thanks, Emma!)

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minor misinterpretation

by Michelle on May 30, 2008

A few blocks north of us on 72nd, there’s a smallish commercial building on a corner. When I first moved in with Nik–a little over 3 years ago–it was a strip club of some sort. The strip club moved, “For Lease” signs went up and a while later a new business opened. The new place was called “Little Hands Learning Center,” which made me think it was an education-related store or a daycare center or something like that. But then they hand-painted some advertising on the door that said “Kids books, toys, and clothing for sale” which really didn’t help explain what the place actually WAS. Of course, I never went in to find out. It was just one of those mysteries you think about once in a while when you drive by on the way home from work.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the place eventually closed and the “For Lease” signs went up again.

Recently, we were driving by on our way home from work and I suddenly noticed a new sign: “Pins & Needles”

What?! I did a really fast double-take. Could it be a sewing shop? Or something else crafty? Within a few blocks of my HOUSE?

But…no. “Pins & Needles” is an acupuncture clinic!


…I did just discover that there’s a new shop down Woodstock from us, though, that looks promising. I think it’s more art than craft, but it has prominent signs about classes. Will have to go check it out one of these days. 🙂

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i made it!

by Michelle on May 24, 2008

The week was a bit grueling, but it’s finally Friday. Yay! And it’s a 3-day weekend! YAY!

And even better, I actually get ALL THREE days off!

[For those of you new to my blog…let’s just say that there are certain things that really suck about working in payroll. For instance: holidays. Most of the time, holidays force us to either work on the holiday, or work an extra day during the week to make up for having had the holiday off. People have to get paid on time, holiday or no! Memorial Day–this year anyway–does not interfere with our payroll schedule. Yay!]

I made it to Twisted three days in a row this week! The weather has been pretty yucky, so I’ve been taking the bus even though it’s only a little over a mile from my office. I get off the bus about a block and a half from the shop, crossing two small streets. You’d think that’d be a pretty safe way to go, wouldn’t you?

I almost got run over today.

The bus lets me off on a two lane, one-way street. I always cross the side street first, to give the bus a chance to get by and because I have to wait for the rest of the traffic to clear anyway before I can cross the one-way street. So, as usual, I waited for all the traffic to clear (there’s a traffic signal at the previous intersection) and then crossed the street. I made it halfway across when a woman driving a huge silver SUV turned left onto the one-way street from the other side. She stopped in time, with tires squealing as I jumped sideways away from her car.

I don’t think she was any closer to me than, oh, 6 feet, but it was scary!

Now I’m looking forward to a quiet weekend, with lots of time to rest. And lots of knitting, I hope.

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