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on the street today

by Michelle on May 15, 2008

Around 4:00 this afternoon, I was sitting at a table on the sidewalk outside of Grand Central Bowl, waiting for Nik to pick me up. (We went on a work outing, bowling and food at Grand Central. That place is NICE!)

The weather was beautiful and I had 15-20 minutes to kill, so of course I was knitting. In fact, I was knitting this:

Lizard square in progress

That’s square #7 in progress, for my Lizard Ridge project. I’ve described this one as “clown colors.” Heh.

So I was sitting there knitting, enjoying being outside, and a woman walked by (very quickly). On the way by, she said, “Pretty hat!”

Me: “… … Thanks!”

Hat? I decided that it wasn’t worth trying to correct her since 1) she was obviously in a hurry, and 2) I suppose the point was that she thought it was pretty, and it probably doesn’t really matter whether or not she knows it isn’t, in fact, a hat.

I was amused.

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today’s progress…

by Michelle on May 13, 2008

One complete Sorta Charade sock:

Sorta Charade Sock

One nearly-complete Lizard Square:

Lizard Ridge square #6

A little bit of a baby sweater:

Pink Baby Sweater

(I didn’t actually work on this today, but I hadn’t shown any pictures of it yet, so…)

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seizing up

by Michelle on May 2, 2008

Do you ever sit down to write a blog post and nothing coherent wants to come out? I have all sorts of topics I could discuss, from knitting to upcoming house projects to Nik’s vision problems. But I’ve started this post about five times already and…meh.

So…I’ll save the majority of it until another time. I can summarize my knitting of late, though:

  • I’ve done 5 squares so far for my Lizard Ridge. They’re gorgeous and I can’t wait to get more Kureyon to make some more.
  • My Twisted Sky Socks are quite close to being finished. If I can keep my hands off the Noro enough over the next few days, I’ll probably finish them this weekend.
  • The Noro has become quite the siren song for me right now. I ran out of skeins for the Lizard Ridge, so I hunted up a project that I’d started and abandoned some time ago–felted potholders for my brother. They’re in a pretty riotous colorway (165), to go with his colorful Fiestaware dishes. I did one and wasn’t terribly happy with how it felted, so I put the whole project in timeout. Today I almost completed a second one. (I have some ideas on how to improve the felting result, which may be part of my motivation. Also, if I finish the potholders and have a skein of Kureyon leftover, I can make another Lizard Ridge square!…I might be a little obsessed.)

Oh, and I also FINALLY finished sewing up all the ends in my Flair and blocking the darn thing. As soon as it dries I’ll sew on the buttons and TAKE PICTURES. You have no idea how long that thing has been sitting around waiting for me to put the finishing touches on it…

It’s really cute, though. 😀

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