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June 2010

please excuse the mess

by Michelle on June 5, 2010

First thing: I forgot to post yesterday. Oops! I am not going to let missing a day deter me, though. I’m still going to try to post every day. Maybe I’ll actually accomplish literally every day in July.

Second thing: I decided I wanted to change things around here, so I’ve just moved my blog to WordPress. So far I’ve managed to import all the posts from the previous blog software, but I’ve done absolutely nothing about the layout or other aesthetics. I’ll keep working on it through the weekend (and probably beyond), but in the meantime don’t be surprised if it keeps changing. The content will remain, though!

My next post was going to be another house post, but I think I’ll save that for a day when I need a ready-made subject.

My brand new Electra Townie

Nik and I bought bicycles a couple of weeks ago (that’s mine, on the left–a marketing photo, anyway, I’ll get a shot of my fully tricked-out bike some time) and, because this is rainy Portland after all and it was only May, we haven’t had much opportunity to ride them yet. In fact, until today we’d only been on one 3-mile long ride.

Today, however, the weather was spectacular so we decided to ride our bikes down to Sellwood; I was going to my Community Sock Club lunch and Nik was going to go have a bite at Grand Central Bakery and probably spend some time at the library while I was busy. It’s about 4 miles there, which shouldn’t be too bad even though I am rather out of shape after another tough winter.

But…I made a tactical error. Actually, I was really dumb. I didn’t eat much of a breakfast before we left and I could tell pretty much from the moment I started pedaling that something wasn’t right. My thigh muscles instantly felt fatigued, but of course I tried to convince myself that I’d be okay.

Yeah. Not so much. I made it about 15 blocks from our house–3/4 of a mile–and had to stop and lie down so I didn’t pass out. Sigh. Nik ended up riding back home to get the car so he could pick me and my bike up and deliver me to my lunch.

The lunch, as always, was fantastic (Deb always has a great menu!) and it was great chatting with my fellow knitters and catching up with friends I don’t get to see very often. And the yarn was dyed by Sharon of Stitchjones!! (As you may or may not recall, I am a HUGE fan! I love her yarn and her beautiful, wild colors.)

I’m disappointed about the aborted bike ride but I was able to rescue the day and still had a great afternoon. 🙂

Maybe the weather will allow us another chance sometime soon…

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let’s talk about the house

by Michelle on June 3, 2010

Last I updated you all regarding the house, we were just about finished with the big siding, insulation, windows, and paint project. Since then, we haven’t gotten a whole lot new done. Last year we tore out our front porch deck and replaced it. Here’s what it used to look like:

Day 3

A couple of progress shots:



And after staining (it doesn’t look quite so uneven anymore, but it could still use another coat of stain):


We still have to re-do the porch railings, but that’s quite an improvement, huh?

I’m off work for the next four days (woohoo!) and I plan to do a bunch of knitting and cuddling with kittens–and try to get at least one bike ride in (more on that later!)–plus I have the Community Sock Club lunch on Saturday. Should be both a relaxing and fun long weekend.

Tomorrow I’ll continue the house updates with photos of last winter’s project.

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catching up and stuff

by Michelle on June 2, 2010

After such a long blog absence, it’s tempting to try to catch everything up all at once. I’m going to try not to do that, though, because it’d probably be long and boring.

Instead, here’s a very, very short version.

  • House: kind of slow-going since the big remodel in 2008, but some progress has been made
  • Job: very very stressful for a while, now much much better (whew)
  • Health: mostly good (cancer still gone, nothing else major going on), but the last two winters have been very hard
  • Cats: Toby just turned 15 (yesterday!) and has been having some health issues that we’re still working through; we got the kittens you saw in yesterday’s post last December
  • Family: Mom moved back to California and my aunt Patti is looking to do the same; I’m happy for them, but sad that they’re moving away
  • Knitting: I’ve been on a shawl kick all year and haven’t knit much else (six completed, three in progress–I think all else I’ve done in 2010 are a baby sweater–BSJ–and a pair of duck feet)

And I guess, to go along with all the pictures I posted yesterday, I’ll expand on the cat/kitten part tonight.

The kittens are Ross (the dark, fluffy one) and Isaac (the lighter-colored, Siamese mix). Isaac is about 3 weeks older than Ross, but we adopted them together from the Oregon Humane Society in December. Isaac is just over 8 months old and already weighs 11 pounds. Ross is only about 9 pounds, but we think he might end up being the giant of the three because he looks like he’s part Maine Coon. He has giant horseshoe paws, huge ears, and all the fluffiness. He’s also polydactyl, with one extra toe on each of his front paws.


Toby hates them. She co-exists with them fine, though, so long as Ross isn’t trying to get her to play with him. (That’s the main reason we got two at once–so they would play with each other and mostly leave Toby alone.)

Unfortunately, unbeknownst to us when we got the kittens (I’m pretty sure they will forever be “the kittens” even when they’re giant old man cats, haha), Toby was developing arthritis. We eventually figured out that she wasn’t just upset by the kittens and got her to the vet–we’ve been giving her fish oil and glucosamine daily since then and it has made a huge difference. Lately she’s been having digestive issues that we are slowly working through and was just recently diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. So she’s on medication for that, and we are currently feeding her a bland food diet of plain poached chicken combined with rice in hopes of solving the digestion problem. (I’ll spare you the gory details of what’s going on with that!) We also have her sequestered in the bathroom right now which she isn’t all too happy about, but she’s actually handling it pretty well. And we think she’s improving, thankfully.

So Toby is getting better (and therefore happier), and the kittens–when we aren’t having to tell them to get off tables or stop scratching things–are a joy to have around.

And…I’ll leave it at that tonight. More tomorrow. 🙂

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well hello again

by Michelle on June 1, 2010

So…one of my Plurk friends mentioned today that she was doing NaBloPoMo this month and I thought, “Hey, maybe I should do that…” And here I am!

However, my new Sims 3 expansion (Ambitions!) was waiting on the front porch when we got home from work and I, of course, got sidetracked and totally forgot to write anything. Oops. So how about a cheater post for tonight? Here are some kitten pictures:





And a bonus Toby picture:


Now I must run off to bed. Next post: with actual words!

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