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August 2008

day three

by Michelle on August 14, 2008

Quick one this morning ’cause I’m running late:

Day 3

Found a bit of dry rot, which you can see in this shot:

Day 3

It’s unfortunate, but not unexpected. And if there was going to be dry rot anywhere, that was the most likely place. The rest of the house is clean!

Oh, and here’s the end of day shot from Tuesday (they finished after dark so we didn’t get a picture until yesterday morning):

Day 2

Okay, gotta go to work. 🙂

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day two, progress

by Michelle on August 13, 2008

Yesterday I actually got home at a semi-reasonable time after my every-other-week LONG work day. Only 10(ish) hours! This is what the house looked like when I got here:

Day 2

It was dark by the time the crew left, so I don’t yet have a picture with all the pretty sheeting up. In fact, I haven’t even seen it yet! We’re going to grab a shot on the way to the car…when hopefully the sun will be up.

There was a bit of a problem with the electricity yesterday. Basically, they broke it. It isn’t entirely their fault because the house is very old and the wire/conduit/meter base were all old too. But it was working fine until they snagged the wire somehow and pulled it out. Oops.

So the house was without power for a large chunk of yesterday and they had to call an electrician out to fix it. It was all fixed by the time I got home, and now we have a pretty new meter base:

Day 2

Today is my birthday and I’m celebrating by:

1) Having a job interview (whose bright idea was that? oh yeah; mine). It’s with a recruiter at my company so shouldn’t be too stressful. Still can’t help the nerves, though.

2) Meeting with the design guy to choose colors for the house. Didn’t realize when we made that appointment that it was on my birthday. Oh well, it’ll be fun anyway.

3) Knitting at Twisted! Due to the other two appointments I won’t be there for a terribly long time, but I’m hoping to escape from work a little early. Hopefully I’ll be there from 3 (or slightly before) until 4:30.

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new siding and windows–day one!

by Michelle on August 12, 2008

Yesterday, the crew arrived to begin working on our new siding and windows. This is what the side of our house looked like when I got home from work:

Day 1

And by the time they left for the day:

End of Day 1

So exciting! Not sure what we’ll find when we get home tonight. 😀

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