on the street today

by Michelle on May 15, 2008

Around 4:00 this afternoon, I was sitting at a table on the sidewalk outside of Grand Central Bowl, waiting for Nik to pick me up. (We went on a work outing, bowling and food at Grand Central. That place is NICE!)

The weather was beautiful and I had 15-20 minutes to kill, so of course I was knitting. In fact, I was knitting this:

Lizard square in progress

That’s square #7 in progress, for my Lizard Ridge project. I’ve described this one as “clown colors.” Heh.

So I was sitting there knitting, enjoying being outside, and a woman walked by (very quickly). On the way by, she said, “Pretty hat!”

Me: “… … Thanks!”

Hat? I decided that it wasn’t worth trying to correct her since 1) she was obviously in a hurry, and 2) I suppose the point was that she thought it was pretty, and it probably doesn’t really matter whether or not she knows it isn’t, in fact, a hat.

I was amused.

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