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April 2008

it’s only thursday, right?

by Michelle on April 25, 2008

Holy, holy, what a week.

Any time I have to work on Sunday (which happens every 8 weeks), the week feels absolutely interminable. This week, I worked 4 hours on Sunday, 6.5 hours on Monday, 13.25 hours on Tuesday…Wednesday morning it already felt like it ought to be Friday.

Aside from the oddities like my very long day every other Tuesday–and the corresponding short Monday–I’m supposed to be working a regular 8-hour day. In the past, it never really happened due to a variety of circumstances. The biggest reason, probably, is just that Nik and I carpool every day and he works 7:00 to 4:00 with an hour lunch. At my company a 30 minute lunch is much more usual. And since Nik needs to be at work on time, I generally arrive at work by 6:45. Nik picks me up at 4:15. I am essentially incapable of being at work and NOT working, so I’ve pretty routinely been working 9 hour days for…oh, a year and a half. Until relatively recently, there was ALWAYS enough work to keep me busy for however many hours I put in. I never padded my time with busy-work or anything. Now, though, we actually have enough (competent) people to complete the work without the crazy amounts of overtime.

So the boss wants me to cut back to a more normal level, both because they’re supposed to be cutting down on overtime (I’m sure that’s not unusual) and because, well, it’s probably better for me, too. I don’t TRY to be a workaholic, it’s just that if I’m at my desk I’m incapable of ignoring whatever is sitting there waiting to be done and/or the people who stop by my desk to ask me questions. I just don’t work that way. (For example: It drives me crazy when someone comes to ask me a question, sees that I’m eating lunch and says, “Oh, you’re eating lunch. I’ll come back later.” I’d SO MUCH rather just answer their question and let them get on with their work.)

My solution to the problem of needing something to do until Nik picks me up, by the way, is to spend as much time as possible at Twisted. I can walk there from work (it’s a bit over a mile away), so the plan is to walk over and hang out with Shannon and/or Emily until Nik gets there. Knitting time! Yarn-browsing time! Chatting-with-knitters time! I’m rather excited about this side effect of the “cut down to 8 hours” plan.

Wednesday I actually did it. Exactly 8 hours! (I didn’t end up going to Twisted, though, because the weather was AWFUL. Really cold, really really windy, and rainy and yuck and I didn’t want to walk a mile in that. So I went up to our roomy break room on the 13th floor and worked on my sock until Nik got there.)

Today…heh. I was on my way out the door (and heading to Twisted!) at exactly 8 hours, but was waylaid by a question which led to me discovering a serious problem (which eventually resulted in us not being able to print any checks this afternoon–ack!). I left 1.75 hours later.

At this point, I’ve already worked 41.5 hours this week. I’m *hoping* that tomorrow afternoon will be quiet enough for me to leave early…and head to Twisted. 😀

We’ll see, though–tomorrow is payday! You never know WHAT will happen on payday…

~~ * ~~

Oh, the socks! I don’t have a new picture, but I’m getting quite close to finishing the second. I still have most of the foot to do, though, so I probably won’t get it finished in time to wear to work tomorrow. That’s kind of a bummer, since tomorrow is “Crazy Sock Day” and everyone at work has been excitedly checking on my sock progress all week. They all want me to wear them tomorrow!

I’ve come up with an alternate plan, though, in the likely event that I don’t finish in time. Since it is *crazy* sock day and all, I figure if I don’t have both finished I can just wear the one with any old other sock as a second. (Ooh, maybe I’ll wear one of my Monkey socks as the second one. Totally different colors, but also handmade by me! They’re the only handknit socks I have so far.)

Whatever I decide to do tomorrow, I’ll take a picture so you guys can see the result.

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it’s tuesday

by Michelle on April 22, 2008

Can I just say that being greeted with this upon arrival at work on payroll processing day–the day when I’m more or less in charge–is not a good thing?

Tuesday morning greeting

(Shirley is the boss–my supervisor and our interim manager while we look for one to replace the much-loved manager who just left a week and a half ago.)

While many of the knitters in Portland will be out enjoying Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s talk/book signing, I’ll still be here at work…making sure around 40,000 people get their paychecks on Friday. (Including me!) Looks like I might get to go home around 7:30 or 8:00. Did I mention that I got here at 6:45 am?

Eh, the long day doesn’t concern me. It’s actually a normal part of my schedule; a long Tuesday every other week during payroll processing. (My co-hort, Linda, gets to do the long day every other Monday, and she ended up being here really late last night–which relates to the note waiting for me this morning.) I am bummed, though, that I’m missing the Yarn Harlot. AGAIN. Last year I was out of town when she was here. Sigh. Maybe she’ll come back again next year?

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um, oops? with bonus views from my desk

by Michelle on April 18, 2008

So…you know how I said I stayed home from work yesterday and played with yarn and Ravelry and stuff? Well, in my wanderings I somehow stumbled on Sharon‘s Etsy shop and…some yarn followed me home. (It really seemed that way, too–it was already here when I got home from work today! That’s some fast shipping, even if she is only across town.)

Check out my latest acquisitions:


(I know I saw this colorway–Andes Mints–on someone’s blog, but darned if I can figure out whose it was. Another thing I did yesterday was some catch up on blog reading!)




From time to time, I look up from my desk and notice that there’s something interesting/pretty/curious/whatever outside my window and I grab my camera.

Last October, there was this rainbow (also, beautiful fall colors on the trees):


In January, there was a drop-dead gorgeous blue sky:


Today, there was some excitement! This happens, oh, quarterly I’d say:



Occasionally, we see them across the way, too:


Can you imagine actually doing that job? I’m on the 11th floor of an 18-story building. I think I’ll stay inside it, thanks.

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by Michelle on April 16, 2008

I finished my first Twisted Sky Sock today!

Twisted Sky Sock

Twisted Sky Sock

As soon as it was done, I ran to the kitchen and plopped it on the scale. It only weighs 50 grams! I’m going to have 13 or 14 grams leftover! No more worrying about running out of yarn. 😀

I will be casting on for the mate this evening. No second sock syndrome for me on these babies!

Today, in addition to finishing my sock, I pulled all the yarn out of my cedar chest–where most of my yarn stash lives–and photographed and catalogued it. It’s still a work in progress, but I added tons to my stash on Ravelry. (I still have two bins to go, plus some random stuff that’s lying around–some of those have already been accounted for, though. Perhaps I’ll work on those this weekend.)

Oh yeah, I also stayed home from work today. We actually planned it in advance, because I’m not quite up to my usual 45-hour week yet (and because my doctor still wants me to “take it easy”). It’s possible that I should have relaxed more, but photographing yarn and cataloguing it on Ravelry isn’t exactly strenuous.

Yesterday, I met up with a bunch of Ravelers downtown for a couple of hours. It was a lot of fun, and much-needed since I haven’t spent time with any knitters since…December, I think. No pictures, sorry! There were a number of socks being knit, among other things.

Oh! I almost forgot to post these. My crazy cat, Toby, for some inexplicable reason totally loves apples. I ate one this afternoon and she waited semi-patiently on the arm of my chair for me to finish and share it with her (she did try to rush me a bit). Check it out:

Toby with an apple

Toby with an apple

Weird cat, huh?

Speaking of cats, this is hilarious…

An Engineer’s Guide to Cats

Guess that’s it for now…who do you think is going home on American Idol tonight? 😀

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there’s a heel!

April 15, 2008

Thanks to Melly, a kind reader and Ravelry member, I was able to continue on to the heel of my sock while I was away. Now I’m done with the heel and working on the foot! I’ve been getting a bit worried over the size of this sock. Notice how long the leg is? I […]

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oh no!

April 12, 2008

We’re out of town for the weekend, and I’ve been making such great progress on my first Twisted Sky sock that I thought maybe I’d finish it by the time we got home again. Then, about halfway to Ocean Shores, WA, from Portland, I discovered this: !! I photocopied the pages from my book so […]

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sock progress!

April 11, 2008

I’m making good progress on my Twisted Sky Socks–down to the top of the ankle on the first one now. Someone at work today pointed out how the colors are pooling in that sorta chevron pattern. Heh. I hadn’t even noticed–guess I’m always too close to it. Boy, did it show up when I took […]

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a day of rest

April 9, 2008

As a sort of reward for working 13 hours yesterday, my boss gave me the day off today. I could go in, but…eh, I think I’ll enjoy a lazy day. I’m still working on getting my energy/endurance back after the latest surgery, so it’s probably best not to push myself too hard. (Which is why […]

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knitting foliage

April 8, 2008

Hey, look, knitting content! I was in a bit of a knitting slump during February and March. It’s not that I didn’t want to knit, really, it’s just that I became a bit…obsessed. With the Sims 2. Um, yeah, it’s hard to knit while you’re playing computer games. 😉 So last week I decided that […]

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new website/blog

April 7, 2008

For the foreseeable future, this is my new home. I will be de-activating the former website/blog (the one at nodestination [dot] net) sometime later–for now, it’ll just sit there unused. I’ve made this move for a bunch of reasons, including (but not necessarily limited to) the following: the previous blog was overrun by comment spam […]

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